Friday, May 18, 2018

What is intelligence amplification?

Intelligence amplification is the technology to amplify existing (human) intelligence, in contrast to artificial intelligence, which creates intelligence altogether.

It can be figuratively illustrated by the following formula. 
A is the amplification factor.
I is the existing intelligence.
W is the extra work.

It is already evident that without existing intelligence (I=0), the amplification has no effect (A*0=0).

More concretely, let's plug in some numbers:
Figuratively assume the amplification factor A=150%.
Suppose our customer is looking for 30 pts of intelligence improvement (∆I=30).

Say our customer has only 50 pts of intelligence, like a 1st grade student, then the amplification effect can only deliver 75 pts of result, which means we need to do extra 50+30-75=5 pts of shitty work somewhere somehow to make up the difference.

In contrast if our customer has 100 pts of intelligence, like a college student, Ampligence can boost their intelligence to 150, which even over-delivered 20 pts, and we don't have to do any extra shitty work.

Ampligence's amplification technology is beyond any incremental education that can deliver, and it is especially effective in higher education---and also saves us tons of shitty work.

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