Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Vision

We envision a world where no student should study math alone, because math is hard.

We envision a world where no teacher/professor needs to manually grade homework, because this low-level work is automatable, rather the human effort should focus on student’s high-level (emotional) needs which A.I. could not yet supply.

We envision a world where researchers can specialize on their own expertise while collaborating on a large scale beyond the limitation of distance and time, where the restriction of Amdahl’s law is minimized due to a fast communication protocol.

We envision a world where employers can automatically scan the smart résumés of all potential employees to filter the best matching candidate for the company’s particular need.

There is a single solution: a machine-understandable communication technology.

By digitizing math information, it comes with all the digital benefits: editable, duplicable, searchable, analyzable, interactive, portable, sharable, accessible from anywhere, etc.

By representing math information in machine-understandable forms, the information becomes verifiable—automatically, like spellchecking automatically catches wrong words. This can prevent small mistakes such as losing points on homework to huge catastrophes such as crashing satellites.

By asynchronize the communication, people can use this technology to create interactive homework, interactive lecture, interactive wiki, asynchronous meetings.

By immutably record the raw data produced by each user on blockchain, this database becomes a lifetime academic record of each individual like a smart résumé without fraud.  You will never have to (and cannot) manually update your own resume; the resume on our blockchain updates automatically as you perform daily activities; and the HRs use a custom filter to scan people's résumé automatically.

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