Friday, May 18, 2018

About Ampligence Mathemagician and Mission Statement

Ampligence Mathemagician is the 6G communication technology for math; it helps people do math with 10x more effeciency. That means you could finish your work sooner without any error. 

Ampligence is a company created to digitizeverify, asynchronously interact, and immutably record the world's math-related information by boosting the efficiency of digital math communication. (For the particular emphasis of this program, math is elevated from calculation.)

digitize: convert mathematical information into a machine-understandable digital form.

verify: validate and certify the correctness of the mathematical information, in real-time.

asynchronously interact: message senders and message receivers are significantly separated by time and distance, yet still enabling interactivity.

immutably record: store timestamped information with the traceable author that cannot be altered by any feasible means.

Ampligence is the world's fastest math communication technology (patent pending) with automated content verification. It is optimized based on the particular structure of math information, such that it is at least 10x faster than writing on paper or any other means to communicate math such as coding. The encrypted user data is immutably stored on a blockchain to certify people's intelligence like a smart résumé.

It can benefit anyone who needs to communicate math (transfer, convey a math idea) to someone, or something (such as a computing device). Potential users include anyone learning math, teaching math, programing (coding) math, conducting math related testing/examination, collaboratively discussing math, or doing research in math related fields, sharing math ideas.

For math communication, Ampligence is like the air for sound, the wifi for internet.

In contrast to traditional math on paper, Mathemagician is like a machine-understandable email to upgrade to hand-written snail mail letters.


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