Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hiring decision question for the HRs in the digital age

When the school teaches you how to calculate matrix by hand, and when you go to your job you realize nobody calculates matrix by hand; how do you feel?

When one interviewee A is certified by the school that they know how to calculate matrix by hand, 

and another interviewee B is failed by the school for not knowing how to do it by hand, but certified by blockchain immutable record that B knows how to do it modernly (using algorithm)

as the interviewer, which one would you pick?

Comment your decision

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

CS/MATH/BIS Summer Interns Wanted (At Irvine or Remote)

CS/MATH/BIS Summer Interns Wanted (At Irvine or Remote)

What do we do:
We unify the world's logical information (math) into a universal format that both human and machine can communicate with, which communicates 10x faster than any existing technology --without error. (Math is not calculation or computing!!)

Intern positions open immediately:
2 openings for marketing intern
5 openings for software engineering intern
1 opening for group theory research intern

Software engineering intern:
Some coding knowledge in Java / C / C++ / C# (preferred), no prior experience needed.
Computer Science, math, physics, or related major preferred, open to college sophomores and above.

Marketing intern:
Experience required in either product marketing, public relations, business, or related customer facing positions. Excellent in writing, communication, and leadership skills.

Group theory research intern:
Proficient in group theory.

Why us?
We are a visionary startup with talented researchers and engineers from USC, Harvard, Johns Hopkins. You will gain hands-on experience in software engineering, algorithmic coding, math, team collaboration, and understanding of blockchain technology.

Do you want to be part of the process to unify the world's knowledge?
To know more, see

Please send resume to:

This will be an unpaid internship, but I'll write you a letter of recommendation.