Friday, March 8, 2019

We bring the world's two most innovative ideas into education

It I ask you to think of a synonym of math, what would it be?
Calculation or Computation???

Math is an art of thinking, and clearly computers can do calculation and computation but it cannot think.

With Ampligence's world's fastest math communication technology "lossless-noiseless-delayless", we bring the world's two most innovative ideas into education: user-specific content delivery and programmable contract (a.k.a. smart contract).

user-specific content delivery

If there's a line that separates advertisement 1.0 and advertisement 2.0, it must be that 1.0 sends the same content massively to all viewers, and 2.0 sends the targeted content that each viewer prefers to see. Ads 2.0 became possible because of social media, which generates enough data to know the profile and preference of each user. It's not because suddenly someone realize it's much more efficient to do targeted advertisement, but the technology was impossible due to insufficient data to learn about each user. The innovation of social media filled in the gap of the data, and made targeted advertisement possible.

Similarly, in education, we all know it's most efficient to personalize the content and focus on what each student don't know, and skip what they already mastered. But the lack of the technology to collect such data made this approach impossible. Now Ampligence technology is filling this gap.

programmable contract

After the buzz word "blockchain" madness, what does it do really? It creates bitcoins, yes, but perhaps more importantly it enabled a new technology "programmable contract". Where people faithfully executes their important contract on blockchain instead of relying on traditional judicial system which costs a fortune. The lesson learned should be that if we writes content in a format that not only humans can read, but computers can also read (programmable). Then the entire process will become much easier, and automated. Using Ampligence's technology, the same way you can craft a contract, you can craft a programmable homework, such that the programmable homework checks the student's error, and gives out help in real-time, as if the teacher sits by the student.

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